Why businesses need social media?

Importance of Having Social Media page.

Your customer are on Social Media. Businesses have to online presence especially when they are dealing with B2C groups.  One way is having social media presence to grow their brand. The more you active on social media, the more your brand will be exposed to wider coverage of people.

According to a 2017 research report by consultancy Ernst & Young, Singaporeans spend an average of 3 hours and 12 minutes on their mobile phones every day and the numbers are increasing year on year basis. The Report also shows that almost 80 percent of the 1,000 respondents browsing their phone to check something before and after sleeping.

Main Advantages of Social Media to businesses.

1. Brand Exposure

Since majority of people are on the phone most of the time, reading news, looking updates of current trends, engage with family through social media. Having your brand appear on social media will increase your exposure to consumers.

Utilising your social media platform can increase brand loyalty. In fact, 84 percent of marketers who used social media last year noticed a significant increase in brand engagement.

2. Consumer Connections

Professional social media presence allows businesses to interact with potential and existing customers in a more personal manner, creating the familiarity feel. People would tend to buy something from the person they know and trust.  

Consumer that's connected to you can be your spoke-person. Without you knowing it, they might be sharing about your company or products to their friends.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Don't be afraid to get customers feedback writing on your social media page. If  you get complaints, you will know what's the exact issue of the problems, then you can works towards building a better products or services which meet the real needs of the customers. You would want to adapt and do business of 'meeting the customer needs' than in the business of selling something that you think may work.

On the other hand, if you get good responses from your customer, it would be a justification for the potential customer to purchase your products and services. Studies found that 30 percent of consumers take note of local businesses’ interactions with reviewers and use it as a consideration factor deciding whether or not they should be your customer.

For example, many people like to read review before they decide to book the hotel rooms destination at foreign country. Customer would prefer to hear directly from other hotel guest than hearing from the hotelier directly.

Having Known the importance of social media, you might want to spend more time understanding how social media works, and how to go about it. You could start by creating your own personal page, or jump straight of setting up a simple business profile page on social media platforms. 


Why do you need Social Media Marketing Agency

But if you are not clear how to go about it, you could google and do some research or alternatively look for some helps from the experts. They can help you in your social media journey, and here are few key areas that you might need their help. 

1. Content is KING

Social media needs content. Having contents to feed your social media page is crucial but more importantly what to post and how to strategise it, is most important in social media business page.

Posting as much as content on your personal social media page, is completely different with posting content on your business social media page though the method of posting is the same. Posting wrong content on business profile will cause certain degree of damages on your brand. But If you put right content on your social media pages, it might work wonder for your business.

Different type of contents attract different group of customers. Contents can be in the form of multimedia, (image, video, infographic, etc). Posts that uses multimedia get “shared” 75 percent of the time because our human eye is naturally directed toward images than long texts,  audio than video with sounds, so make sure to include something worthwhile that will capture the attention of your audiences.

2. Create the Marketing Strategy

Spreading your message across multiple social media platforms/channels will increase the amount of people knowing your products or services. 

There are so many marketing platforms out there, different platforms require different approach. Some platforms can be used to target for sales, others can be used for brand awareness with channeling/directing/leading to sales platforms, others can be used to spread information, tips, promos, know how to, etc.

Knowing which platform intended for which purposes is very important. Make sure your content serves the right purpose for the intended audience. If your posts are long texts with very useful and informative tips, but on the wrong platform, chances are users won’t feel the need to inquire more about it. 

So, if you are engaging correctly with your audience on different social media world, you will eventually grow your customer following. Upon doing this, your business may grow substantially. 

3. Managing your various type of your social media platforms. 

As you post content on different social media pages, it might take up your time to do other important things that matter to your business.

It can be quite tiring to do it on your own, but if you are still starting up, by all means you may want to be independent to create the content, posting content to the right occasion and timing. Once you get all these things up on your social page, it is very important to keep the engagement alive, responding to all the comments and feedback is just as important as all other steps in the social media. Otherwise your audiences will just move on to other competitors due to unresponsive message.



So now you know how important social media for businesses. We know that we have made it sounds simple and clear for businesses on how to implement it. However, if you are still puzzled on how to go about it. We are more than happy to help you in managing your social media accounts. Feel free to drop us a line, who knows we are someone that can help to take care it for you.






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