Trouble differentiating your product and competitor?

Having difficulties differentiating your product?

Be true to yourself. When you look at your products alongside the retail aisle, does it grab your attention? Or it looks the same with others?

It matters much, though you are not in the business of appearance but if your product can't attract, it will retract your business.

If your consumer can’t tell the difference between you and others, How are they going to remember you? How will your product or service spring to their mind at the stage where they are about to make consideration and purchase?

You will end up spending more resources for it to be noticed.

Mistakes to avoid in promoting your Brand.

  1. Not having the right logo, colour, and fonts resulting in the wrong brand identity.
  2. Not consistent in the brand message.
  3. Stretching your brand too far.
  4. Do not overpromise and under-deliver.

Finding the right Brand Consultant that able to think and strategise for your company short-term, mid and long-term plan is the first important steps to do.



  1. Get to the CORE of Brand Transformation

Branding is not only about the looks,

It takes affection to make the company successful.

“you just know my name but not my story.”

If people don’t know you well, how could they be your loyal customers.


  1. Create the IDENTITY that sells.

          Start with your Brand

Being distinctive is the essence of branding. Use the right colour, font and logo to  create unique identity that people can associate with and take home with.


Create a compelling product packaging

Research show that good packaging products that to increase the value of the products and also the buying behaviour.


  1. Engaging with consumer

Most of the bosses in the company focus too much on getting the new sales from new customers. They thought their existing consumer will be loyal to them since they are doing right with their branding and product packaging.

They almost forget that the competitors are doing the same thing to their customer. So engaging with customer is very crucial to have a loyal customer.


  1. Turn them to Loyal Consumer

It’s important to expand the market share but at the same time, one cannot overlook the existing consumer.

It’s easier for someone to purchase your product hearing from someone they know than hearing hundreds of stuffs from your staff.


Key takeaway: Be Different. Be Unforgettable 

As brand creator we typically work with organisations looking to start giving meaning and value to the brand. If you looking for Brand Refresher (Re-branding) or creating New Brand or Product line, we are more than happy to strategise for your branding journey. Please contact us if you want us to be your brand consultant.



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