We do series of event, online and offline to create awareness, and traction for brands/organisations.

Marketing has becoming more open and available to public through digital platform. Anyone can publish their services or products digitally, it has low entry of barrier to do so. It has helped small and new businesses to thrive.

Today, we are flooded with enormous advertisement, be it in the NEED segment from the competition within the same industry, or even in the WANT segment.

Digital platform has converted the WANT segment more effectively in comparison of the traditional marketing due to the type of content that is being published out there.

Our strategy is about effectiveness in the objectivity of the campaign, the physical event, digital event, or mixed and supplement between both.




We not only want people to be AWARE OF. People tends to  forget easily due to plenty of choices. Overdo, and inconsistent message might cause People to have different perception. It sounded simple but it's actually more than what the eyes meet.  


Focus on building content that has propelling message and conviction that engage with the audiences. It can be in the form of video, slides, animation. Engagement wins half the battle. 


In the past, there's no such term of influence marketing. Thank God, that they have people to influence buyers even after they are out of the shops. Using the right influences, to share their stories, can work its magic too.

Influencer Marketing enable the ads to be shared to other easily through digital platform.


Sharing can be categorised as a form of Referral Marketing. Not only it being shared by the influencers, but it can be shared by the buyer themselves. Genuine people with real stories and relatable experiences can elevate the sales without spending additional marketing budget.





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