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Nowadays, In the uprising of digital era, digital marketing is a make-or-break strategies to engage more with customers. The issues are not just to have the checklist box ticked. It is about effectiveness cos there's too much at stake (response, result, the return on investment, cost and budget, reputation, etc) which at the end of the day will translate whether your business are generating revenue of the campaign.

Many times we tend to think WE KNOW IT ALL since we have been in business for long time. It maybe true to other aspects of the company- operation, product development, human resources, but please don't commit the same mistakes where many big businesses has change from brick-to-click model in order to compete with the new e-commerce landscape.

5 Marketing tips to have effective marketing strategies:

1) Understanding Your Audience.

There are always new many marketing platforms that coming up to the market and revolving. For instances, Facebook used to be only do profiling, now they have started doing advertisement and also online marketplace, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, etc.

Launching a marketing campaign that you think is so catchy enough, may not reached as much people as you think. Business owners sometimes suffer from “myopia” when it comes to marketing their services in digital platform. They do not understand what's work last year may not work.

You can do simple steps to understand about your audiences, do surveys, research and market study. Knowing the people you are trying to reach, identify the key aspects of those people— who they are, age, income level, education, what they like, what they prefer, how they buy things, the better chances your marketing campaign will hit the right chords with the right people.These are all factors that can be extremely helpful when you start strategising your marketing approach.

2. Have a clear and consistent messages.

Your brand needs to be clear, concise and consistent in the minds of potential customers. Your consumers are exposed to hundreds and thousands of promotions from the platform. So, in order for them to remember your brand, you need to be consistent in your brand communication. Familiarity creates remembrance.

Develop a monthly marketing plan, quarterly or bi-annual marketing plan might be able to help you oversees the day to day marketing in a clearer manner.

3. Be at the right place at the right time

Marketing messages and promotions has to cater to different season of the calendar year. If you do it too early or too late, you might have missed out the opportunity. Regardless whether you do promotions on online or offline platforms.

You may want to pay more attention on your online channel, people would have access to your marketing materials if you do not update and maintain it on regular basis. For example, you are running a New Year Campaign on 50% discounts. Once the New Year has passed, you have to take down the post immediately, otherwise it might affect your sales after New Year. By them knowing that you have done a 50% discounts before, they might just wait for another discount promotion or worse still, they'll wait for next year to purchase.

4. Customer Retention

There's no such things of ONCE A CUSTOMER, ALWAYS A CUSTOMER! While you are planning to acquire new pool of customers using creative campaign, make sure not to leave your “current customers” out, put them on the sidelines, otherwise they'll be acquired by your competitors. After all, they’re the ones who’ve allowed you to have the budget to launch that new marketing campaign.

Once they become your customers, keep them coming back with personalized correspondence, promotions and value-add information they find it useful. Research group shows that it's easier to sell to your existing customer than to the new group of people. If you are able to connect and engage with your existing customer, they would  be will be your indirect sales staff, your ambassadors to their family and friends introducing your brand. You can’t beat word-of-mouth marketing for paid marketing result. 


5. Tracking your marketing

Following all the above steps, you are pretty excited with the result that it could bring.  You’re pretty sure you’ve increased traffic to your web page, but have you gotten the results you really wanted from the marketing budget that you spent on the campaign? 

If you do online marketing, track the performance of each campaign. With today’s digital tools, it’s not so wise not to track every aspect of your campaign, making sure which campaign works and which one may need to improve and which one need to be cut off.

The analytics result will tell you something that's working and some may not be performing up to your expectations— For example, the campaign that you are running, might be attractive enough in terms of monetary discount, but if there's not enough click-through rate you were expecting, quickly do some adjustment in terms of the appearance, tagline, paid search engine marketing words. Sometimes the smallest tweaks in colors, images, can make a huge difference in gaining traction.



Even businesses with small marketing budgets can gain recognition and market share if it's done correctly.

Want to see where your business grow? Please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Maybe we could help.

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