Importance of corporate collaterals/materials.

Importance of Corporate Collateral/Materials
What is Corporate Materials?
Corporate collateral is any visual or media used to promote your brand direct or indirectly to different type of stakeholders of the company.
There’s external stakeholders which are the end users; and internal stakeholders that dealing on the corporate levels. In this context we will be looking at internal corporate needs. We will be covering more on the internal stakeholders. It can be anything from presentation slides, memos, newsletter, annual reports, or even investor pitch deck.

The importance of having clear and attractive corporate collateral.
1. Professional image strengthen BRAND IDENTITY.

Having the same brand communication will increase the credibility, trust and good professional representation.
We come across few times that a good brand using unattractive slides presenting facts and figures to their direct vendors like suppliers and distributors. It just directly will raise eye-brow for the product support and warranty from the potential distributors.


The perception from vendors, sending the wrong signals indicate that “budget cutting or no budget”. It will result of decreased exposure, moving out of business or discontinuing the product line.

Normally, these are being prepared by technical team, or even sales team that most of the times do not know how to create an impactful slides, or worse still completely different with the brand image that is being represented.


Areas of corporate collateral that really to be seriously taken note for:
1) Presentation slides.
You have prepared excellent information facts and figures, however it is just all about texts and letters with some colour tone without nice appealing images. Before you distribute it to your boss or other department head, ask yourself “will the materials impress your colleague? If it's not, it would probably pull down the importance of your idea.

Presentation slides are small little things that can contribute to the success of your business. Notice that all the Tech company, they have secured many rounds of huge funding with using nice presentation kits despite that they are tech company.

2) Annual reports
Typically, most annual reports (AR) summarise the key milestones, achievements, the teams financial planning, to be presented to the shareholders of the company, which are the most important group of people that fund the company to achieve the vision and mission.

Having a presentable annual reports will summarise all the hardwork that the team has put in despite of all the difficulties and challenges.



At Watermarq, we take care of your corporate needs from the start to the end. From ideation, conceptualisation, and also actual creation, we will co-ordinate all the works for you.

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