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Watermarq Studio focus on helping entrepreneurs, companies - big or small,  to grow and transform their business by creating an IMPACTFUL IMPRESSION to their consumer base using our creative works in branding, marketing, design and digital services. 

YOUR BRAND is YOUR IMPRESSION. It has to be distinctive that people can be attracted to, relate to and most important remember it after they left. Failing to impress means that you might be joining the rest of your competitor in the sea of crowd, and it would be the last things that we want to see to any organisation.

At Watermarq, be rest assured that our primary objective is  making sure that we are able to create the value that makes you special and outstanding, making THE IMPRESSION THAT LAST to your consumer.



We made our services, Watermarq Blueprint available to you in one simplified suite

BRANDING and MARKETING not just only applicable to those big corporation, Multi National Corporation (MNCs) that has big budget to spend. Many Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) have wrong perceptions about the cost versus value what a brand can add to the products or services to the company.

"If you wonder and want to find out why some brand can make people queue for hours or even days before the product launch? You can find out what makes them special and stand out from our BLUEPRINT."

We have also crafted different services for different needs for different people, because there's no one size fits all. We have various solutions for freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, MNCs.

If you need customised plan, we can do one for you too, cos you matter to us. 



The first things that people come across to a product or service is the name. Having a strong and clear Brand Identity will definitely makes your company create the Impression that counts.


Content | Design is a strategic approach focused on using creative design to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and appealing content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.



The marketing landscape has been changing vastly and without having a good marketing strategy, one will just end up in the spiral of increasing cost to make themselves known in the wide ocean.


Tech companies has overtake and kill off many business that unable to adapt to the digital world era. Transform your business digitally to connect directly to your consumers.


What Made Us Special

Is having a good catchy brand enough to make the sales? What if we told you that your good impression means nothing if you do not know who to impress, attracting the wrong crowd, or communicating different message to the audience, you might be wasting your resources.

Be Heard at the right place, at the right time. Many business people never fully understand the factors that drives sales to the company. Having a good product and packaging might set you on the right track, match  with the right marketing strategy, It brings success to the company.


Nothing is Common

We EAT, PRAY, and LOVE too. But we do it differently or you prefer it to be same with others. We bet you not, so why do you want to settle for the same when you have the opportunity to work with us. 

We do everything possible making sure we are the right fit for your needs.


Grow with You

We shouldn't brag too much about what we've done, but we are happy that our esteemed clients feel satisfied that we can Make-A-Difference for them and growing with them. 

Yes, we treat our clients like our own people and work seamlessly with them. 


We are down to earth

Our services cover not only new business startup, but also existing businesses that looking for rebranding, monthly marketing collateral, corporate gifts, etc.

We do whatever we can to make all jobs a good and unique experience as what our name sounds. 


No work too Small for Us

We believe all works are equally important regardless whether they are big or small. 

We look at our clients as people with genuine problems and do not measure their wallet before we look at their case.

Do what you (LOVE) what you do.

Why US

Partner First. Business Second.

We are not here claiming that we can help you to sell products or services to ANYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE. Like we do not want to sell fridge to the Eskimos, and we also do not want to sell ice cream during the winter season. These are the principle that we will imply to your business as we do to ours.

We are agency that think and make your business plan workable. We want to see your business growing first then ours. 


We Don't Only Talk the Talk, We Walk the Walk. (with you)

Some of the works that we've completed recently.

It's our pride to be able to contribute to our customers branding, communication, and marketing plan towards their objectives and goals annually. We thank you for your trust and making us your longtime partner.




"Innovative and very upfront in contributing ideas to make overall concept workable."

— Denny Steven
Green Garden Residences

"One word. Fabulous! NO REGRET! If you looking for transformation growth, prepared to be surprised what their design can be part of your growth, which we didn't think of it at all."

— Joshua
Green Forest

"We love the works that's crafted with so much thought and attention. From concept to finish works, it's mind blowing. "


Questions on how we can help you.

Do not know how and where to start from. Don't worry. We will help you look at your company.

Branding and Marketing Assessment

We have helped clients from all sort of industries in their branding and marketing journey. Working with us closely, you will understand that we don't stop in just making you special, we make sure that your presence outreach is as LOUD and CONSISTENT with your BRAND NAME. Feel free to get us help you too.

Brand and Marketing Assessment

Drop us your company website, so we can look at it and give you feedback at NO COST, cos we are happy be able to help.

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Feel free to read our resources content, who know it might of help to your side. Glad that we could help. If there's any other topic that you want us to cover, please let us know.

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